Foldable oven

Redefining the term "easy bake oven", researchers with the Taiwan Textile Institute have developed a cloth that can take high temperatures and have parlayed their discovery into a foldable oven for camping, military kitchens, and outdoor catering. The cloth oven weighs only a only a few hundred grams researchers claim it can reach temperatures over 300 degrees, making it hot enough to roast chicken or even bake cookies.

Currently only in prototype, the foldable oven has some hurdles to overcome, chiefly being that it uses electrical power and a lot of it. The amount of energy required to create a 300 plus degree environment in its current incarnation, probably renders the portable oven impractical to use in the field without heavy gas powered generators, which kinda defeats the purpose as a portable kitchen solution. Still, if the researchers can find a more portable solution, like solar collectors or even connecting to small propane configurations, the design could just be what backpackers, campers, soldiers and boy scouts have been looking for in the never ending quest to create tastier food while out in the field.

Source: coolest-gadgets.comAdded: 20 September 2010