Soft-feel grain surface treatment

This technology gives hard-surface plastics a soft and moist feel at a much lower cost even than "soft-feel" paint by imposing a "grain" or texturing onto the surface. It has application in automotive interiors, household utensils, electronics, mobile phones, and other locations where a hard plastic surface would benefit from feeling softer. The science is based on the study of the fingerprint. The more surface area of the fingertip that touches a surface, the more the brain interprets that sensation as "soft" and "moist." The soft-feel gain surface treatment consists of a precise series of tiny bumps and larger bumps designed to increase the area of the surface in contact with the finger tip. Because the plastic remains a hard surface despite its soft feel, it remains durable and easy to clean.

Applications include automotive uses for interior trim, golf carts, motorcycle, and aircraft trim; consumer electronics such as mobile phones, ebook readers, and tablet computers; home consumer products that have handles; sports equipment; and office products such as telephone handsets.

Source: yet2.comAdded: 9 March 2011