Digital cartridges for analog cameras

The RE-35 cartridge replaces the film in your classic analog 35-mm camera. Set the ISO to 400 and your done - your camera will now take high quality digital pictures.

There are many reasons to hold on to your classic 35-mm analog Cameras. Whether you invested a serious amount of money or you just all that mechanical goodness - your classic Nikons, Canons, Leicas, Rolleis or Pentaxes deserve to stay. And even if you just love analog photography: the grain, the colors, the image quality - dealing with analog film does have it’s drawbacks. The hassle and the price for materials keep you from keeping it analog more and more often.

With the RE-35 digital cartridges you can have the best of both worlds. Go digital, whenever you want to. And keep using your vintage equipment.

The new Flexisensor consists of three layers: there is a photo active region, a transmission region and a scratch resistant coating. These Layers form a highly flexible sensor for capturing high resolution images.

Source: re35.netAdded: 8 April 2011