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Pack Away Kettle

Wacky Practicals has developed a new take on the conventional tea kettle, a collapsible version that is made of silicone. The Pack Away Kettle has a stainless steel base that does conduct heat so it will stay hot after boiling. It is safe for all heat sources, electric, conduction, and gas stoves. Now you can be sure to have tea wherever you go or have a new way just to boil hot water, be it abroad or even on a camping trip. This tea kettle shrinks down to 5.5 cm and expands to 14 cm. It is dishwasher safe too. The capacity of the Pack Away Kettle is 1.1 litres (just under two pints). Enjoy your favorite drink wherever you are. If you are attracted to a tea kettle that whistles, this one will disappoint you. Pack Away Kettle is FDA food safe and weighs 350 grams.

Source: the-gadgeteer.comAdded: 6 September 2011