Detergent-Dousing Douches

After designer David Feng decided to improve the efficiency of bathroom fixtures, he conceived the clever Soapy Shower System. Typically, one must reach for his shampoo and body wash in the corners of the bathtub or standing cubicle, but this invention incorporates those items into an all-in-one apparatus.

The metallic shower mount actually contains a 1 liter canister for soap. When a button is pressed on the detachable hand shower head, a mixture of water and detergent escapes along the hose, through the holes, onto your skin and into your hair. You can actually lather up completely under the running nozzle, continually receiving a fresh supply of water and cleanser as the sullied liquid runs down the drain. The Soapy Shower System soon reverts to discharging clean H2O so that you can rinse before toweling off.

Source: trendhunter.comAdded: 6 September 2011