Scannable Rooftop Marketing

QR codes are becoming an important part of marketing, but one of the key factors involved in effective QR code placement is location. This is where the Phillips & Company Blue Marble system comes into play.

The Phillips & Company Blue Marble system puts QR codes on rooftops so that consumers who use Google Maps and Google Earth will see them. This happens when Google’s mapping system photographs and digests the code, thereby turning it into a gigantic logo. According to Phillips & Company, a brand that is interested in “space economy,” this innovative marketing tactic should appeal to companies like big box retailers that have more roof space.

Phillips & Company is working with the mobile marketing 44Doors to execute the service, which starts at $8,500 with a recurring $200 support fee, says BrandChannel.

Source: trendhunter.comAdded: 10 October 2011

Tags: advertising