Lopsided Lid Bottles

A social code of ethics about recycling has finally developed, but if you feel pressured to reuse your disposable beverage bottle, you might find it easier were it shaped according to the Easy Drink design.

The plastic water bottle has become iconic, representing consumerist culture and the deterioration of the planet thanks to the discarding of such objects that cannot decompose. While this canteen concept by Hsu Hsiang-Min, Chen Yu-Hsin and Liu Nai-Wen still resembles the common throwaway container, its silhouette reveals a significant change that might just extend its life cycle before its journey to the recycling center. Quite simply, the twist-top opening of the Easy Drink bottle has been set askew, making it much easier to refill at the water cooler and the sink from an angle.

Source: trendhunter.comAdded: 11 October 2011