Escape rescue systems

Thebuilding-wide system is composed of (at least) two devices; each is an array offive collapsible cabins. The system is permanently stored on the roof in afolded position. Upon deployment, each arrayis lowered to the ground. It then unfolds, enabling emergency responders toboard the cabins. It travels upwards until it stops opposite five elevatedfloors simultaneously, enabling 300 occupants to enter through speciallyconfigured exit windows (150 people from 5 floors into each array). Each arrayis then lowered to the ground and tenants exit as it refolds. The systemrepeats this cycle, transporting responders up and into the building andevacuating tenants as required. Thesystem, based on a unique, patent-pending technology, enjoys substantialadvantages over competing concepts and other new products : · Very highthroughput capacity;· Effectiveto all building heights; · Servesboth evacuation (down) and rescue personnel transport (up); · Requiresno skill or unfamiliar actions by evacuees; and is · Suitablefor all ages and physical conditions of evacuees, including disabled themovie (

Source: escaperescue.comAdded: 3 October 2006