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Solar Thermal Array

The Solar Thermal Array installed on top of the University of Arizona's recreation center has an estimated annual production equivalent of almost 2 million kilowatt-hours and is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1,317 metric tons per year. It is the latest addition in a portfolio of innovations promoting energy efficiency and sustainability on the UA campus.

An innovative solar-thermal heating and cooling system installed on top of the UA's Student Recreation Center is expected to harvest almost 200 million kilowatt hours of solar energy per year – enough to power more than 180 households.

At the heart of the solar thermal cooling and pool heating system is an array of 346 argon-filled vacuum tube solar thermal collectors installed on the roof of the UA’s Student Recreation Center.

The collectors utilize heat from the sun as a free energy source to drive an absorption chilling system to help keep buildings on campus cool while also heating the recreation center’s main swimming pool.

An absorption chiller works similarly to a refrigerator or an air conditioner, except it uses a process relying on heat, rather than electric power.

Source: physorg.comAdded: 14 October 2011