Transformer House Shapeshifts According To The Weather

Take a gander at the D*Haus, a shapeshifting residential marvel. Placed on circular rails, it has the ability to pivot open and closed. In the process, the house goes from the archetypal square to a seemingly more spacious house with distinct wings and a heck of a lot of windows.

“The dissection of the square into four distinct shapes allows it to be rearranged to form the triangle," Daniel Woolfson of the D*Haus Company says. "This concept alone is fascinating, but the possibilities are endless when applying this formula to the world of architecture and design.” Yes, yes. Math + architecture = good design. But show us the morph!

This house was developed as an ecologically sensitive prefab home for Sweden and Lapland. Sensitive in what way, you ask? The house is designed to shift so that it can adjust to the areas’ harsh weather conditions. For instance, the changing geometry of the house can be pulled into a tight square when it’s cold and you need to conserve heat. Conversely, the house can open its wings to collect the sun's rays.

Source: fastcodesign.comAdded: 21 October 2011