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Sidesplitting Candle Cups

It’s actually pretty silly that a design like these Match Tealight Holders hasn’t come about sooner. After thousands of years of scorched fingertips, you’d think that candle holders as objects would have completely evolved to incorporate slits down the side.

But alas, these clever creations by Form Us With Love are quite unique. Manufactured for Muuto, they embody a simple elegance through the meticulous treatment of the translucent glass, blown to form flawless vessels with very slight flares and the crisp incorporation of a single slot from rim to base for the insertion of a lit matchstick.

Tea lights tend to be set within a thin metal casings so there is little need for the Match Tealight Holders to contain any hot liquid wax. These are charming home accessories that cater to comfort and radiate exquisite colorful glows.

Source: trendhunter.comAdded: 15 November 2011