SMS rickshaw booking platform

Auto rickshaws are an ideal mode of transport for commuting around the hectic roads of Mumbai, however finding an available and reliable driver can be a challenge. It was this fact that recently inspired the launch of Rickshawale, Mumbai’s first automated dial-a-rickshaw booking service.

Rickshawale was founded by a group of transport, logistics and technology professionals, working together with the rickshaw community in Mumbai. The idea was to offer a reliable and trustworthy service — usually associated with radio cabs — for a cheaper price and using vehicles better equipped to weave around the city’s infamous traffic. Users can book a rickshaw 24-hours-a-day by calling Rickshawale and giving the details of their journey to a customer services agent. An SMS is then sent to the closest available drivers, all of whom are equipped with a tracking device. The driver accepts the job by pressing a button on the tracking device, which simultaneously sends an SMS to the customer containing the driver’s name, contact number and auto rickshaw registration number. Customers are guaranteed no refusal of service and standardized meter fares across all Rickshawale drivers. Drivers also benefit from the increased income generated by Rickshawale passengers, and are provided with SIM cards loaded with monthly talk time, genuine spare parts for their vehicles and financing opportunities.

By combining SMS and tracking technologies, Rickshawale aims to offer a simple passenger transport solution. A model that could be adapted and applied to local transport solutions in other busy cities.

Source: springwise.comAdded: 22 November 2011