Transparent speakers

There is always a war within the top end brands to create speakers which sound and look great. Even though most of them fit the criteria well, but those really particular about the décor of their rooms, always find it hard to cope with, trying to blend everything into an aesthetic mix. Coming to the aid of such people, is the PeoplePeople transparent speaker, which will blend well, look well, and sound great too!

Due to the lightweight and less cumbersome design of the body, the PeoplePeople speaker fits into a compact packaging, and also doesn’t take too much of space anywhere that you fit it into. Moving it around isn’t much of the hassle either.

Next advantage is the usability factor. Since a lot of music we listen to, is stored in various devices such as iPods, it is essential to have speakers where these devices can be easily integrated, and audio played along. The transparent speakers have a wi-fi antenna, which can receive the sound signals through wi-fi from your storage device and replay it. Through this process, you also get the advantage of recharging this antenna without much trouble.

The last but not the least, is the sustainability factor. The whole kit of the speakers is sent as a package to you. All you have to do is, unbox and follow the simple steps outlined in the IKEA style manual, and you are ready to use the speakers for some great audio. Even the transparent glass panels and slides could be availed from the local hardware store as per your preference, meaning less cost on shipping and octroi.

Source: bornrich.comAdded: 6 December 2011