Coffee tap

Instead of getting your favorite morning brew from one of those super expensive coffee machines, how about doing it in the same way as that of a tap? Yes sir, you no longer need to shuffle bleary eyed into your kitchn each morning, getting your mornign glass of water from the sink, but rather, the Top Brewer will dispense of your favorite coffee into a mug of your choice. Let us see how it works in the extended post.

Scanomat of Denmark is the one behind this unique coffee tap, where the Top Brewer will comprise of a tap which is able to simultaneously dispense up to a trio of different kinds of liquid (such as coffee and cream), where it will also run down to an aluminum-bodied brew unit which remains enclosed inside the Top Brewer cabinet. The brew unit will slide in and out for a jiffy refilling session, where dual grinders will get the job done for you inside, letting each cup of coffee be made from actual roasted beans. If you want filtered coffee, that is also not a problem, as it can be done at a rate of four cups each minute. As for other choices, they will comprise of espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, and latte.

Apart from that, the system can also make steamed foam milk, located right in the tip of the tap, where it will automatically add to drinks when applicable.

Source: coolest-gadgets.comAdded: 6 December 2011