Samsung Eco Bubble

 Being environmental conscious, Samsung is determined to provide a green washing experience. Samsung's previous front-loading and top-loading washers have been loved and enjoyed by users, but Samsung knows no boundaries in innovation, and launches the Eco Bubble and Eco Storm washers series– washers that are not just user-friendly, but also environmentally friendly. Taking advantages of the latest technology and innovative designs, such as the Diamond Drum and Eco Water Saver, Samsung once again succeeds in providing a better washing experience for users, for their garments, and for the planet Earth.

The smooth and tiny bubbles generated quickly penetrate into the bottom; bringing amazing cleaning's not a facial cleanser we are talking about, but the fabulous cleaning power of Eco Bubble. Eco Bubble Technology produces rich and fine bubbles by mixing water, detergent and air, allowing detergent to be distributed evenly and penetrated deeply into fabric 40 times faster than high concentration liquid. The completely dissolved detergent helps fabric to be thoroughly rinsed out. You can avoid any eyesore or allergy caused by any remaining detergent residue or stains.

Source: samsung.comAdded: 19 December 2011