Self-Washing Fish Tanks

Anyone who has owned fish knows just how tedious it is to clean a fish tank, but with NoClean Aquariums, this will be a task you will never have to do again. Created by Craig Wenger and David Turover, NoClean Aquariums frees you from the fuss of having to clean your fish’s aquarium and, not only does the aquarium benefit you, but it also benefits the fish as well.

The NoClean Aquariums feature a built-in reservoir at the base of the tank that collects the aquarium’s dirt, debris and waste, says DesignBuzz. This waste is flushed out on its own—all you have to do is pour in a glass of water and wait. Plus, the dirty water that has been pumped out can be further used as fertilizer for your house plants!

Source: trendhunter.comAdded: 2 January 2012