Electronic tags help prevent disabled parking abuse

Car parking systems that require disabled drivers to display a permit can be easily abused by drivers who are not disabled. However in New Zealand, Car Parking Technologies — CPT — have developed a system in which electronic tags are fitted to disabled drivers’ cars while sensors instantly notify parking attendants if a non-disabled driver enters a reserved parking bay.

The system uses sensors to detect whether the vehicles parked in handicapped parking spaces are fitted with the electronic tags that verify the driver is registered as disabled. If no tag is detected the sensor will instantly notify the parking attendant to take action. Managing Director, Paul Collins, believes the electronic system can be implemented for about the same cost as permit-based systems and will make monitoring disabled parking bays more effective and efficient. CPT is in discussions with disability groups, shopping malls and local authorities in New Zealand to launch the system early this year, and believe the technology could easily be adapted for the control of other personally reserved parking.

Source: springwise.comAdded: 17 January 2012