Precision Liquid Liner

Every woman has experienced the horrors of applying a liquid eyeliner.  It’s messy and smudgy and soon you’re looking similar to a raccoon. Le Métier de Beauté Precision Liquid Liner has solved the difficult application process by studying the famous German pen maker Mont Blanc’s writing instruments. The pen has a unique soft quill-tipped applicator which looks very similar to a fine point felt tip pen.

Applied in the morning, a day at the office, after-work cocktails, dinner with friends and dancing all night and still went strong 18 hours later with nary a crease or smudge.  Although the liner is water-resistant, it is easy to remove with my makeup remover.  The last thing you want is a liner that requires aggressive scrubbing around the fragile eye area.

Source: inventorspot.comAdded: 23 January 2012

Tags: cosmetics