Switch Modular Pocket Knife

The Switch Modular Pocket Knife from quirky could be a perfect gadget for Swiss Army knife fans it can be customized with your choice of 18 different tool attachments. Let’s see if this  multi-tool is worthy enough to add to your gear bag.

The idea behind the Switch Modular Pocket Knife is that you can build your own customized knife with a variety of blades / tools. You start by choosing a small, medium or large steel chassis. The smallest chassis will accommodate 2-6 tools, the medium chassis can hold 4-10 tools and the largest chassis will hold 7-13 tools.

Here are the 18 tool attachments. Top row: Magnet, Corkscrew, Tweezers, LED Flashlight, Eyeglass Flathead Screwdriver Middle row: Eyeglass Phillips-Head Screwdriver, Pen, Scissors, Wrench, Magnifying Lens Bottom row: Phillips-Head Screwdriver, Basic Blade, Woodsaw, Serrated Blade, Bottle Opener/Flathead, Can Opener/Wire Stripper, Flathead Screwdriver, Nail File

Source: the-gadgeteer.comAdded: 23 January 2012

Tags: gadgets tools