Operating Rooms on Wheels

What does a hospital do when it needs to conduct major renovations while continuing to be able to conduct surgeries? Turns out one company makes mobile surgery trucks that offer a complete surgical theater and can be setup in an hour by just a couple of people.

The Miami VA Medical Center is actually using five of these Mobile Surgical Units from MMIC (Mobile Medical International Corporation) to continue operating on patients without missing a beat.  Of course, these are also useful in disaster relief and for military operations.

MSUs can replace operating rooms being renovated or added to avoid outsourcing surgeries while maintaining the revenue stream. As the Miami VA planned the total shutdown of its operating rooms, the use of mobile units allows the renovation project to be completed in record time, saving the VA money and allowing veterans to continue being served at their own facility.

These mobile units meet U.S. healthcare standards of care to maximize patient safety, and adhere to the Facility Guidelines Institute’s principles for the design and construction of healthcare facilities. For facilities undergoing construction, MSUs provide outstanding infection control and contaminant-free environments for patients. In addition to the MSUs, which are suitable for a wide range of surgical applications, MMIC also manufactures Endoscopy, Intensive Care, Laboratory/Pharmacy, CT Scan, Dental, Ophthalmology, Breast Care and Dialysis mobile medical units.

Source: medgadget.comAdded: 7 February 2012