Architectural Wind

Harnessing energy from thewind is getting serious, and Arrow Vironoment takes it to the next level withArchitectural Wind, a relatively small 6.5-foot, 60-pound turbine it rolled outat Wired's Nextfest last week. It's designed to mount on the top edge of abuilding, taking advantage of the unique aerodynamics of tall buildings,catching the wind after it's been funneled up the facade. There's an optional canopyyou can mount on the top of the unit as well as the grid you see here thatkeeps birds out of trouble. Best of all, it only needs a 7mph wind to startcranking out the kilowatts, and it's capable of generating 55kWh per month of clean,effortless energy.

Source: treehugger.comAdded: 11 October 2006