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Forget Shoes. What You Need are Kevlar Socks

Kevlar Socks

The somewhat misleadingly-named Swiss Barefoot Company wants you to wear their socks, which are made from kevlar with polyester nubs on the sole, and nothing else.

There are shoes that proclaim the barefoot feeling recently. Shoes can not do so naturally, a sole separates the foot from the ground and they also don't protect against injuries... The Swiss Protection Sock (SPS) is designed for people who like to go barefoot without the risk of injury from sharp objects or the feeling of rubber soles.

The special and patented fabric with a polyester nubbed sole offers protection from shells, broken fragments, other natural elements or dangerous objects and offers at the same time maximum freedom as if one is only wearing a sock.

Source: core77.comAdded: 27 February 2012