Pear Square One biofeedback training system

PEAR is a SMART biofeedback training system that uses a wireless heart rate monitor and foot pod to measure your body’s response to a workout and delivers real-time coaching to keep you on track towards meeting your goal.

PEAR lets you fire up your music on an iPod shuffle and the Training Intelligence™ of the the PEAR Square One does the rest.

PEAR constantly monitors you via the wireless heart rate monitor and foot pod, measuring your body’s response to a workout and telling you exactly what you need to know. Using interactive audio coaching, PEAR tells you when you’re off goal and motivates you to stay on track according to your custom tailored plan.

Alongside real-time coaching, PEAR delivers on-demand workout stats–with one push of a button your music fades, and you get heart rate, pace, time and distance without having to look down nor break stride.

Whether it’s finishing a marathon, crushing your best 5K time, reaching a personal fitness goal or losing 20 pounds, PEAR Square One is designed to coach you to success.

Source: endthetrendnow.comAdded: 26 March 2012