The Auto Rucksack - a backpack for small cars

More and more people are interested in the convenience and economy of small car ownership - but many are put off by the small carrying capacity that goes with it. This handy German gadget operates as an aerodynamically efficient and better-looking alternative to the roof rack - the Auto Rucksack is exactly that - a backpack for your small car that clips on to give you extra storage, and clips off to become a suitcase or sports bag on wheels.

The Auto Rucksack is simple to use - see this video (5.6mb, mp4) for a demonstration - and a very quick and convenient way to add 120 litres of waterproof storage to your compact car at a maximum 20kg loading. When it's off the car, it operates as a luggage trolley, and when not in use, it folds up to a compact size for storage.

The manufacturers say it's also an excellent way of keeping smelly sports clothes from stinking up the car or wet ski gear from soiling the upholstery. And the fact that it sits on the back of the car means it doesn't affect your aerodynamics or fuel efficiency in the same way as roof-racks can.

We can't ignore the fact that it completely blocks out the rear window, which might make the drive a bit more interesting, and security might be an issue in certain neighbourhoods, but as a quick and easy solution to increase the storage of a compact car, we think it's a winner.

Source: gizmag.comAdded: 28 March 2012