Mobile clinical assistant platform

Intel plans anew mobile computing platform for healthcare professionals.The platform, dubbed the mobileclinical assistant, is designed to streamline the work-flow ofdoctors and nurses, letting them digitally record patient's vital signs,progress charts, and prescription information on specially-designed tablet PCs,and wirelessly transfer that information to pharmacists or anyone else thatneeds to check up on your vitals. Anything in the way of specific details arestill pretty vague at the moment, but the first devices based on the platformare set to be developed by Motion Computing and introduced in the first half of2007. Among thepossibilities for the devices are RFID-scanning to identify patients (betterpack that tinfoil hat for your next hospital visit), barcode scanning forprescriptions, and integrated digital cameras.

Source: insidebayarea.comAdded: 12 October 2006