Make your own cosmetics with Naturalis

Rowenta proudly presents the Naturalis. A unique device that helps you make your own cosmetics. The Naturalis allows the user to create their own line of products. The French company Eliumstudio designed the product along with skincare professionals.

By using Helical Emulsion Technology the Naturalis helps users to create customizable nourishing products. The machine uses an emulsifier that consists of a gelling agent and a preservative at its base, and then allows the user to add any natural ingredients they want. And the Naturalis creates anything from creams, scrubs, masks, balms, lotions, and more. 

The benefits of this allows you to completely personalize your recipes, though it comes with its own recipe book that you can draw from. And, the Naturalis provides a sense of assurance for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies. By making their own products they can know all the ingredients used leaving them worry-free.

Source: mocoloco.comAdded: 11 June 2012