Nantsune's new Libra 165C meat slicer uses 3D imaging to cut meat to the precise weight every time

Meat slicer uses 3D scanner to ensure precise cuts

In the past, we've seen 3D scanning widely used in a variety of industries - clothing retail, law enforcement, medical education, etc. - but it's still a little surprising to see the same technology applied to a slab of meat. Nantsune's new Libra 165C meat slicer does exactly that however, capturing a 3D image of a piece of meat, ready to be butchered, and then using the data to make slices at the same precise weight every time.

In case you're not familiar with modern butchering technology, most automatic meat slicers on the market now make uniform cuts and then weigh and measure the slices afterward. With a displacement scanner taking a 3D image, the Libra 165C can operate in the reverse, accurately measuring the shape of the meat and then cutting it so each slice weighs the same, with varying thickness. Aside from improved accuracy, this method also means the slicer can operate much faster than most, producing 6,000 slices an hour. Currently, the machine is designed for pork, but could theoretically be modified for any type of meat.

Source: gizmag.comAdded: 21 June 2012