3D model of your unborn child

Print a 3D model of your unborn child for $1250

It’s normal for expectant mothers to come back from the doctor with prints of their ultrasound scan, but it’s just a outline of something that resembles a baby. A clinic in Tokyo now offers a service that provides a much clearer image of the unborn child, one that will blow away any ultrasound.

The Fasotec and Hiroo Ladies clinic is offering pregnant women 3D models of their unborn babies, giving the opportunity for parents to have something they can hold on to before the baby is born. The technology works best for pregnant women who are in their 8th and 9th months of pregnancy, in fact the clinic found a model made at 9 months (near birth) showed up the face of the child much more clearly.

The model is created using BioTexture, which turns the image data into 3D data, which is then brought to life using a 3D printer that uses two resins to create the model. One is clear, for the mother’s body, and the other is opaque, which is the shape of the baby. Usually, the technology is used to make models of people, specifically in order to show bone structure and organs for medical students.

It’s an unusual service and my guess is that most people will feel unnerved at the thought of seeing their unborn child in such a way. However, the mothers it’s been tested on have apparently enjoyed being able to have a physical version of their baby before it’s born and see the model as a reminder of their pregnancy.

The service currently costs around $1250 — not including the imaging fees — but Fasotec plans to expand it to different sized models in order to create cheaper options. This includes a version of the fetus sized to fit on a key ring, so a model of your unborn child can always be with you.

Source: geek.comAdded: 9 August 2012

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