The algae powered Eco-Lamp

With the world looking to alternative energy sources, innovative designers usch as Mike Thomson have come up with very interesting designs to help us go green. This concept features the use of algae that are surprisingly efficient in sustaining low levels of continuous electricity, perfect for the minimal electricity requirements in a typical lamp.This innovative and colorful organic lamp just requires a small amount of carbon dioxide, natural light and water, much like your typical plant. After some time growing and developing this nifty gadget you have your very own living and breathing eco-lamp creature thing. Although you'll be saving yourself on some electricity bills and be able to brag to your friends about how your lamp is alive, the downside is that you have to make sure water and heat levels are adequate in order to keep the light functioning and alive. If this creative way to tackle the world's energy problems isn't farfetched enough to make you squirm, be sure to check out Thomson's blood-powered eco-lamp.

Source: tomsguide.comAdded: 22 August 2012