Budweiser extends ‘Happy Hour’ each time a beer is bought

Budweiser Extends ‘Happy Hour’ Each Time A Beer Is Bought

American beer brand Budweiser has found an innovative way to extend ‘happy hour’ to keep customers happy and drinking more beer. 

In a campaign created by Ecuadorian ad agency Rivas Herrera Y&R, they designed the ‘Bud Clock’—a clock that adds a minute into happy hour each time a customer orders a Budweiser beer. 
With each Budweiser ordered, customers would receive a QR code that they could scan with the Bud Clock—extending happy hour by a minute for each QR code. Customers could effectively ‘stop’ happy hour from ending if enough people contributed in buying a Budweiser beer.

Source: designtaxi.comAdded: 10 September 2012