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Hand crank operated height-adjustable workstation

XTable, designed by Danish design studio KiBiSi, takes what is an established method for adjusting heights and applies it to office furniture. The table comprises a rectangular tabletop supported by a cross-shaped pair of legs. These are set far enough back from the sitting position so as not to limit legroom, but are planted on the floor by sturdy horizontal runners lying front to back on each side.

The legs can be adjusted to different heights using a hand crank, in a similar way to how ironing boards and car jacks operate. This means that XTable can be raised or lowered to suit an individual's needs as and when required. XTable could also be used in a hot desking environment, with each person who shares the workspace able to quickly and easily modify it to suit their own individual tastes.

Source: gizmag.comAdded: 6 November 2012