International relocation made easier through new online platform

Relocating from one city to another is challenging enough within a single country, but when the move is international, that difficulty is compounded considerably. Enter MOVE Guides, a UK-based site that aims to make the process easier.

Now in beta, MOVE Guides is “democratizing global relocation,” in the company’s own words. Offering expert local city guides, a global network of reliable shipping suppliers and transparent pricing, the site offers each user a customized “MOVE Hub” for planning their move, communicating with suppliers and storing information on services booked. Links to social networks, meanwhile, give users an immediate view of acquaintances in their destination city as well as an easy way to have their questions answered by friends. MOVE Guides are available for both individuals and companies, but it currently charges no fees itself; rather, users pay only for the services they book.

Source: springwise.comAdded: 15 November 2012