For Woodburning Stove Owners: The Ecofan Requires No Power

The Ecofan

For those of you with woodburning stoves—I know at least some of you have them, either in your house or heating your shop—the Ecofan is a clever, energy-free way to help circulate the heat. You place the Ecofan on top of your stove, and as the stove heats up, the blades begin to turn, distributing the hot air into the rest of the room. The hotter your stove gets, the faster the blades spin, up to a maximum volumetric flow of 150 cubic feet per minute.

The Canadian manufacturer, Ontario-based Caframo, claims the better circulation means you'll have to burn less wood to keep the place warm. And unlike a conventional blower, the Ecofan is completely silent.

Now for the big quesiton—how the heck does it work? While there are several reviews by North Americans on YouTube, we'll let this British guy explain it to you because Brits generally sound smarter.

Source: core77.comAdded: 8 March 2013

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