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The jumpseat works because of the combination of hard and soft material.

The Jumpseat

The Jumpseat is a super minimal seating system for auditoriums that fits in a fraction of the footprint of typical stadium or theater seating. It uses a unique hinge mechanism to minimize material use.

Plywood and steel create the backbone of the JumpSeat’s cantilevered structure. Folding to less than 100mm thick when not in use, the compact seat allows for the maximum amount of people in the minimum amount of space.

The slim-line profile of this auditorium chair is elegantly resolved and the details have been simplified so that no tooling is needed in production. This allows for the chairs to be produced locally. The design is true to its materials and suited a modern auditorium. It is also easy to dissemble, repair and clean.

Source: ziba.comAdded: 29 April 2013

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