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Freezing spray to kill cockroaches

If the thought of smooshing, crushing, smashing, squishing, or even touching a cockroach grosses you out, a Japanese company called Fumakilla has come up with a better way to dispose of them. Taking inspiration from Star Wars carbonite chamber, this aerosol can literally freezes them in their tracks.

As durable as they are, unlike Han Solo the roaches probably aren't going to survive getting hit with a blast of gas that's somewhere around minus 75°C. The freeze ray in a can is apparently odorless, doesn't leave stains, and is less flammable/safer for humans to inhale than a bug spray—with the emphasis being on the safer since it's not necessarily completely safe, particularly if you accidentally blast bare skin. So using this as an emergency air conditioner or an easy way to chill your coffee is probably a terrible, terrible idea

Source: gizmodo.comAdded: 2 May 2013

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