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A side loading toaster

If you find the toast popping up in the morning too much to handle, then the Arzum Firrin toaster may be more your speed. The Firrin forgoes alarming pop-out mechanisms for a more sedate sliding tray that is not only easier on the nerves, but also allows the toaster to handle a wide variety of rolls, bagels and other doughy products.

The toaster can be set one of seven levels of brownness (or one for defrost), then it's just a matter of sliding in the the bread and switching it on. When the indicator light goes off, slide out the toast and hunt up the jam. As well as making it less likely you'll need to go digging around with a knife to extricate your breakfast, the tray also slides out completely to make cleaning easier.

Source: gizmag.comAdded: 6 May 2013