Seasoning sheets

Seasoning Spice Sheets bring exotic and authentic flavours to any meat or fishdish you like, with no measuring, no mess and no fuss.Chef-inspired herb andspice rubs are applied to a clear non-edible sheet and then packaged in are-closable air-tight bag. Simply remove a sheet from the packaging, place yourfavourite meat or fish on it, wrap around with cling film and marinate inthe fridge for 20 to 30 minutes (or more for a deeper flavour), then remove anddiscard the sheet. That's all there is to it!From there, you can cook inany manner you like: grill, sauté, broil, steam, microwave, etc.. Theseasonings stay on your food, and turn any ordinary meal into a memorablegourmet experience, with flavours previously unmatched outside of toprestaurants.

Source: 17 October 2006