Highly Absorbent Polymer

The most talented creative minds can draw connections between seemingly unrelated things—like diapers and a field of crops--in order to produce new solutions. That's how Mexican chemical engineer Sergio Jesus Vaelasco created Solid Rain, a highly absorbent polymer scientifically known as potassium polyacrylate. Originally intended to make diapers more absorbent, Vaelasco's blend can soak up water to about 500 times its size, and it looks like large salt crystals:

For landscape architects and environments designers it could mean more creative options for plants in drought-heavy areas. Solid Rain could ensure that green landscapes exist and thrive even in water-scarce urban areas, and other places where greenery has a tougher time surviving and so is conspicuously missing.

Source: core77.comAdded: 22 August 2013