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Wearable Luggage

Jaktogo is on the market since 2010, making it the pioneer in wearable luggage technology. The inventor of Jaktogo, John Power, is an engineer who had to travel on a weekly basis because of his work and thus was trying to optimise his time at the airport.

As low cost airlines started to take over the industry the many luggage restrictions they brought started to augment the transit times at airports. Power was always confronted with having to check-in his hand luggage because one or two extra kilos causing not only extra costs but also extra time having to wait for his luggage. It was also a common situation people to be stopped from boarding for the same reason. Having to deal with this situation gave birth to the idea of Jaktogo. It is a coat and it is a bag at the same time. 

Source: dezeen.comAdded: 10 October 2013