RealFlex U-FORM+ shoes by Reebok

Running Shoes That Fit The Wearer's Foot

Reebok's RealFlex U-FORM+ shoe is heated with a hairdryer for two minutes until the logo on the back turns from black to red. The hot shoe is then laced tightly around the foot and left to cool for two minutes while the wearer sits still. A synthetic mesh layer inside the upper shrinks as it cools to mould exactly to the contours of the skin, starting in the middle of the foot and wrapping around the heel.

The material replaces normal lining in the shoe so it doesn't add any extra weight and perforations in the mesh mean it's breathable. Reebok says the shoes can be reheated and reformed many times over without losing effectiveness.

Source: dezeen.comAdded: 11 October 2013