Microscopic, traceable, anti-counterfeit technology

Microtaggants are a unique numeric code sequence in amultiple colored layer format. In more complex forms, Microtaggantsdeliver multiple layers of security through the incorporation ofseveral taggant technologies.

The beauty of the Microtaggant is its simplicity and straightforwardmeans of positive identification. Anyone who can distinguish colors canbe your field expert in Microtaggant identification.
Custom Microtaggant codes are created for every Microtrace customer.To ensure security of your unique code, every Microtaggant code iscertified and registered on there central database.
Microtrace can produce over 37 million unique codes and incorporatevarious "energy sensitive" taggant technologies into the particles thatact as a code within a code. Optional features such as fluorescent,magnetic and other components may be added to aid in the location andretrieval of code material. Microtaggants are detectable in the fieldor lab using a variety of readers.Microtaggant Identification particles range in size from over 1,000microns for explosives tracing down to under 20 microns for selectapplications.

Source: microtracesolutions.comAdded: 5 May 2006