Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand

Denmark may have the lockdown on Lego, but a neighboring country is also producing something children can use to build things: Sand. No ordinary sand, of course. A company called Delta of Sweden, which manufactures modeling compounds for use in the educational, medical, therapeutic and arts & crafts markets, has an invention called Deltasand. The stuff has been licensed by several toymakers, most notably Colorado-based WABA Fun, who rebranded it as "Kinetic Sand".

Kinetic Sand claims to be three-dimensional building toy that holds its shape just as easily as it tumbles through a child’s fingers. You can sculpt intricate designs by cutting through it, squeezing it, and spreading it. Or you can just as easily break it up as you would sand on a beach.

Kinetic Sand consists of 2 ingredients:

  • Silicon dioxide, which is what we assume they meant, is basically sand and presumably the 98% part.
  • Polydimethyl siloxane or PDMS, on the other hand, is a rubbery, viscoelastic material that's a key ingredient in Silly Putty.

So is it safe? It better be: PDMS, a silicone agent found in caulk, can also be used as an antifoaming agent—something that both McDonald's and Wendy's list in their ingredients for Chicken McNuggets and french fries!

Source: core77.comAdded: 16 December 2013

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