ID card with chip and film layers

Bayer Industry Services is introducing new siteID cards, the main constituent of which is the durable polycarbonate(PC) film system Makrofol ID produced by Bayer MaterialScience AG.'Forgery-proof, copy-proof, convenient and long-lasting,€“ those are thekey advantages of the ID cards'.
The new ID card has an integratedmicroantenna and chip.
Makrofol ID is ideal for both chip integration and personalizationvia laser printing. The latter feature must offer the highest possiblecontrast, so that the photo and name of the cardholder are clearlyrecognizable. Up to 15 security features can be integrated in the cardsto protect them against unauthorized use, copying and forgery. Thechip and the film layers are bonded together permanently in amulti-layer design. The long-term flexural strength of the material,combined with its high stiffness, prevent the millimetre-size RFID chipfrom rupturing or coming loose. 'Makrofol ID is always the material ofchoice for ID cards requiring a long service life unlike credit cardsmade of PVC'.

Source: bayermaterialscience.comAdded: 20 October 2006