Light Switch That Requires No Power To Function

NXP developed a light switch that requires no power to function. It’s a wireless switch that doesn’t need an external power source of any sort. Instead, it gets all the power it needs from a user interacting with it to toggle a light on or off.

That touch generates just enough power to wirelessly transmit to the associated light to change its state. Pairing with a light is achieved through NFC, so technically you could move the switch and pair it with different lights as and when you need to control them.

Such a light switch is sure to be popular with house builders as it means less cabling to run in the walls. And, depending on the cost of the switch itself, it could end up saving money. Being completely wireless also means they are easy to replace if faulty and the positioning can be adjusted to suit.

Source: geek.comAdded: 13 January 2014

Tags: electronics