Upside Down Umbrella

Upside Down Umbrella

The UnBRELLA is an upside down umbrella that opens in the opposite manner of an ordinary umbrella. Designed by Hiroshi Kajimoto the UnBRELLA’s aim is to stop the umbrella from being inverted due to strong winds.

When opened, the UnBRELLA protects you from rain like an ordinary umbrella. What makes it different is it has supporting stretchers and ribs on the top side of the umbrella instead of underneath.

Now, unlike ordinary umbrellas, the UnBRELLA can also stand on its own. This way you can free up your hand without needing to lean the umbrella against a wall.

You can also let the UnBRELLA dry naturally as it stands on its own, letting the water droplets slide down freely.

The UnBRELLA closes in a way that won’t get anyone wet nearby, as it closes up like a clam and catches the water droplets.

Source: ippinka.comAdded: 11 February 2014