High-Capacity Archival Disc For Long-Term Storage

Sony and Panasonic are working on a new Archival Disc standard that is aimed at the professional data storage market. As its name implies, the discs have been designed to endure the rigors of long-term storage.

The discs are able to withstand dust environments, are water-resistant, and can survive humidity changes during storage. One of the big benefits of using optical discs to store data is that the discs are inter-generational compatible. That means that the discs are backwards compatible so the hardware used to make and read the discs won’t go extinct.   Under the agreement, Sony and Panasonic have formulated the Archival Disc specifications along with the technology roadmap, logo, and specifications.

The first Archival Disks will land in the summer of 2015 with a capacity of 300GB (double sided, three layers per disc). The discs will expand in capacity later to 500GB and eventually reach 1TB of capacity each.

Source: dailytech.comAdded: 13 March 2014