Smelly Fork

What if you wanted to try a nice steak flavored with strawberries? Would you sacrifice both a prime steak and pound of organic berries to satisfy the whim? Maybe. But most of us would take the tamer route: Grab a bottle of A1 and call it a day.

The Aromafork, by Molecule-R, challenges the convention that you actually have to cook such a dish to taste it. Since most of what we consider taste is really just smell, the Aromafork holds an aromatic compound near your nose, mixing what’s on your tongue with what’s in your nostrils to create new flavors easily within your palette.

The Aromafork is a deceptively simple device. It’s just a fork with a tiny depression on its handle. The depression holds blotting paper. And the blotting paper contains a drop of an aromatic. But the fork comes with a huge kit of volatile compounds that could make the experience fun--imagine tasting one steak flavored 21 different ways, like with smoke, truffles, passion fruit, cheese cake, and bubble gum.

Source: fastcodesign.comAdded: 20 March 2014