Soother-Like Baby Feeder

The Food Feeder Plus is a brilliant way to help infants make an easy transition between liquid and solid foods. While spoon feeding is messy and has babies be passive during mealtime, the Food Feeder enables them to feed themselves and hone their motor skills and eye coordination in the process. With babies, there are bound to be spills no matter what, but the Food Feeder helps to reduce them with a locking lid and a place to catch drips.

Food Feeder Plus was designed by Herman Lo and Justin Cheung and it's shaped like a baby's pacifier. Like a toy, the device is easy to grip and take ownership of. Filling the Feeder with food is very easy and the whole device can even be encapsulated in a cup for a snack on the go. The soother-like feeding utensil is removable and also makes for easy washing and cleaning out after use.

Source: trendhunter.comAdded: 16 May 2014