Real-Time Blood Analyzer

It’s often important to monitor the various levels of analytes in a hospitalized patient’s blood. This normally requires blood draws that are then placed in a nearby device or are sent to the hospital’s lab for analysis, a process that takes considerable time and delivers slow results. Sphere Medical out of Cambridge, England just received European CE Mark approval for its Proxima arterial blood analyzer, a device that provides real-time results of blood gas, hematocrit, and electrolyte measurements as often as necessary.

The Proxima is connected to the arterial line that the patient would normally have and blood is drawn into the sensor for testing. A nearby touchscreen control panel is used to initiate tests and for displaying results. Tests can be performed at any time and don’t cost anything additionally for each run. Once a reading is performed, the sampled blood is returned back into the patient. The disposable device has a 72 hour lifetime and does have to be calibrated regularly during that time to guarantee quality readings.

Source: medgadget.comAdded: 17 June 2014