Microtechnology for surface texturizing

The technology, known under CSIRO trademark Exelgram, is the controlled production of surface features on various materials, and down to microscopic levels. This stems from a successful technology first developed by CSIRO to eradicate bank note counterfeiting. This is already finding new uses in other commercial applications, such as improving identity and brand protection, and biomedical engineering.The results are like dot matrix pictures, except that individual dots in micro-textured designs are invisible to the naked eye, some being less than one micron across. Moreover, the designs are truly textured, with features varying in depth and shape.The pattern is transferred into metal using precision electroforming to create a metal stamping tool. Complex surface topography requires a two-step process: a pattern including half tones is created by electrons and then transferred by ultraviolet lithography into a surface relief (similar to twodimensional wall sculptures) in a thicker photosensitive polymer.This is copied by precision electroforming to create the metal stamp.

Source: cmmt.csiro.auAdded: 25 August 2006